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Spyware Killer

Spyware Killer

Spyware Killer protects your privacy, includes one of the top 5 rated Firewall software programs, detects and removes spyware, and stops hackers cold from retrieving personal identifying information such as pin, credit card, phone and social security numbers, passwords, usernames, etc. Whatever you do, don't log on without Spyware Killer

Spyware, Spybot, Adware and Malware threaten computers and have become the #1 danger for PC users. These Spyware programs, unlike viruses infect without any indication. Experts believe 95% of all PCs are infected with Spyware that tracks your behavior on the Internet, invades your privacy which can easily result in identity theft.

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What is Spyware? Spyware can be a simple Spybot, Adware, Malware, Trojan Virus, Dialer, Cookie, Browser Hijacker, Keyboard Logger or take many other forms. One thing is certain about Spyware. It is computer monitoring software that quietly installs and maintains itself on your computer without your permission. Spyware tracks your activities and gathering information about you, your family or your work often without your knowledge.

What does this mean to you?

This means that anyone with spyware can:

Spyware Killer - Capture and record every website you visit
Spyware Killer - Capture and record every email you read or write
Spyware Killer - Capture and record every chat room you enter
Spyware Killer - Capture and record your banking information
Spyware Killer - Capture and record your passwords

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Imagine you own a small company that has a few high-profile clients. One day you discover that confidential data you store about these clients--credit card numbers, personal contact information, and promotional plans--is being broadcast over the Web for all to see. You have no clue how it's happening or how to stop it. This actually happened according to PC World November 2001.

Why is Spyware Killer different? Features include our 5 star personal firewall, pop-up blocker and our exclusive spyware removal technology. Before you purchase any software product consider this: Do they offer toll free help? Do they respond to email request within 20 mintues or less? Do they offer a 30 day money back guarantee? If NOT, WE DO!

Toll FREE support for Spyware Killer software

Spyware Killer uses a new and different approach to Spyware. Spy Killer Software blocks the intrusion of these annoying spyware programs or hackers before they are allowed to access your PC and personal information. No product today has the ability to protect your information, privacy, and PC like ArmorWall's Spyware Killer.

Spyware Killer Features

Spyware Killer - Powerful Firewall Software
Spyware Killer - STOPS Hackers
Spyware Killer - STOPS Spyware
Spyware Killer - STOPS Web Bugs
Spyware Killer - STOPS Annoying Scripts
Spyware Killer - STOPS Cookies
Spyware Killer - STOPS Annoying Pop-up Ads
Spyware Killer - BLOCKS Data Spills
Spyware Killer - FREE Automatic Spyware Updates

Download 30 day FREE trial of Spyware Killer Software

Fight back NOW against surveillance programs spyware and tracking programs. Keep your private information safe. Spyware Killer detects spyware and tracking programs that antivirus software can't kind. Spyware Killer is the complete package. Firewall, Spyware Killer and Pop-up blocker!

Spyware Killer features powerful tools that help you manage each of these items and streamlines the entire process, while offering you the highest protection and prevention against Hackers and Spyware in the industry today.

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